Training Workshop In Pictures


Our Inauguaral Training Event was successfully held on 22 April 2015. Seasoned cattle breeders, stockmen and professionals from other industries graced the occasion. The course was on Beef cattle production as a business, farm planning for successful beef production and breed selection to suit your needs, boosting production and conventional cattle management, Boran beef solutions and basic beef cattle husbandry nutrition management. Indeed the novices in the industry were satisfied beyond their expectations in learning from these passionate farmers. The event was widely appreciated by all those who attended and it was an eye opener for us at Panganayi Pakurima and to all who came to be part and parcel of this workship. To all who made this happen, we wish you happy Boran breeding and trust you will be pioneers of exceptional quality offspring in your various regions.


The workshop attracted various breeders, stockmen, farmers and personnel from various industries with a passion for Boran breeding locally and regionally. Your participation was the beginning of greater and even bigger workshops in the near future. We believe and trust you will always be our cherished partners for the good cause of passionate Boran breeding!


We would like to thank ALL valued sponsers and partners who made this event possible. Your support is forever cherished! Thank you ALL! Some but not all are listed below:

  • Duly's
  • Veterinary Services
  • Barret Eletronics
  • Fivet
  • RLMS